How to Hide Files and Folders in Windows 7 and Vista

secretYou probably have some personal or sensitive files that you don’t want anyone to see. There are several ways of protecting these files. One way is to hide the files and the other is to create a separate user for Windows and store these files in that user’s account. There are several software available to password protect files and folders.

This article will outline how to use the Hidden Attribute feature of Windows 7 and Windows Vista. Follow these steps to hide a file or folder:

1. Locate the file or folder you wish to hide.

2. Right click on the file or folder and select Properties. A small window will pop up.

3. Under General Tab, look for a section near the bottom called Attributes:

4. Check the Hidden field. Click OK.

5. Your file should now be hidden.
How to make hidden files visible again? It’s fairly easy. Follow the steps below:

1. Browse to the folder or drive where the hidden files are located.

2. Click on Windows Start Button.

3. Right on top of the Start Button there is a field where it says Search programs and files. Type in “folder options” without quotes and hit enter.
win 7 start

4. A window will pop up. Click on View tab.

5. Under Hidden files and folder section, select Show hidden files, folders and drivers.

6. Your files or folderd should now be visible.

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