DataWind Tablets – So Cheap That Even the Kids can Afford One

ubislate tabletEver heard of Tablets that cost only $37.99? Well, now you have heard. Such affordable tablets are being introduced by a company called DataWind. DataWind’s UbiSlate Tablets have been a huge hit in India and have overtaken tablet sales by surprise, even surpassing iPad sales. The UbiSlate run on Android operating system and has voice call capability.

Here are some features of the $37.99 Tablet:

  • Model UbiSlate 7Ci
  • Runs on Android 4.0.3
  • Processor: Cortex A8 1GHz
  • Capacitive touchscreen
  • 7″ Screen
  • 4 GB Memory, Micro SD. Memory Expandable to 32GB. This is trully awesome.
  • 512 MB RAM
  • WiFi Capable with WEB and E-mail
  • Games, Apps, Facebook, Business Apps, Angry Birds, etc
  • Voice call capability
  • The camera sucks at only 0.3 MP
  • Mini USB and 3.5 mm audio jack connections

For only $37.99, this Tablet is an amazing piece of machine. DataWind brings the long awaited affordable Tablets to the market. The company is sure to revolutionize the Tablet industry and have already won multiple awards.

The company receives a two thumbs up from DummyTech as many financially challenged youths and adults alike will benefit from the emerging Tablet PC technology worldwide. Great Job DataWind.

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