How to Easily Remove Win 7 Security 2011 Virus, Spyware

win 7 security 2011 virus removal instructionsHave you been inflicted by the annoying Win 7 Security 2011 virus? Is it popping up and taking over your system every few minutes? The good news is that we have easy to follow removal instructions to get rid of this problem. There are many instructions available online that show how to manually remove the Win 7 Security 2011 virus. However, those instructions are mostly outdated and may not be easy to follow for majority of the computer users.

Here is what we did to remove the virus completely from an infected system. You will need to download two free anti-spyware software. Spy Bot and Malwarebytes. Download the programs, install them, and update both software by following their selected update options.

Once the software are updated, boot into Safe Mode (follow the link and read Step #3 for instructions ) with Networking feature enabled.  Run Spy Bot first and Scan for Problems. Spybot should find the main program that runs the virus. During scanning, be sure to keep cancelling or closing any popup windows that show up due to Win 7 Security 2011 virus. Complete the scan to the end and Fix any problem that Spy Bot finds.If you are prompted to restart, do so, however, return to Safe Mode again.

Once you are done with SpyBot, close the program. Run Malwarebytes Anti Malware and do a Full Scan. Malwarebytes will find the remnants of the virus and help you eliminate them. You will be prompted to restart again. Do so and this time, you don’t have to return to Safe Mode.

That’s it. Your computer should be free of this nasty problem and return to normal condition. To prevent having this problem in the future, please surf responsibly and avoid going to doubtful websites. Consider having an active Anti-Virus running on your system. Here are some free anti virus programs.

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  1. Mark Thompson

    Thanks, this really helped!

  2. Chris

    This totally worked! Thank you so much!

  3. Rob

    This worked for me. All the other solutions involved purchasing some type of download, but this was totally free. Thanks.

  4. Irsy

    Do the win 7 security 2011 still appear when I run the malwarebytes ?? ‘Cause it did in my laptop..

    1. admin

      Once you run malwarebytes in safemode and then restart, it should not appear again. However, try running both, malwarebytes and spybot in safemode as instructed. This should totally wipe it out.

  5. stan craven

    It worked. Thanks.

  6. Debbie

    Thank you! It worked great and it was FREE!! Everything else would run the scan and then want you to buy the program to remove it. Also thank you for the easy to follow step by step instructions. I am far from a computer guru and even I was able to do it. My netbook seems to be running a little slower but it is running!!

  7. Mathew

    I cant download anything because of this virus. It wont allow me to access the internet. How do I download programs without internet?

    1. Zan-Admin

      You have two options.
      1. use another computer to download the mentioned antispyware setup files and then install them on your system. To update these softwares, you will have to go to safe mode with network support.

      2. Go to safemode with network support and see if it allows your computer to connect to the net. Then download the setup files. Restart in normal windows, install the files and go back to safe mode with network support to update and then run the programs.

  8. ;(

    hi :S

    when i run this programs , spybot and the other ….
    it comes up : open with what program…
    then i click winrar then i dont works ;(

    i would be reaaly happy 4 answers

    1. Zan-Admin

      When you download these files, are they in .zip or exe format?

  9. Tom

    Thanks alott it worked Great! I Will be refering Everyone to Your Site!

  10. MT

    Win 7 Security 2012 won’t let my install the spybot program. Also, it won’t allow me to perform a system restore either.

    1. pau;

      I have that same problem too

  11. Erin_C

    Win 7 Home Security 2012 – I ran Spybot but the other program (ReImage-Malwarebytes) required a license key or payment. I had to start out in Safe Mode just to download both programs from the internet. Not sure what to do now. The spyware is still on the computer.

  12. Izzy

    worked like a charm. excellent. thank you.

  13. pau;

    do we have to buy those spy bots or malwarebytes first? because I just can’t take those no more… I don’t want to waste my time downloading something that’s not even work. Please reply. I just need help so badly.

  14. Braden Johnson

    I tried a ton of things to get this virus off… This combination worked like a charm! Thanks for saving my sanity!!!!

  15. Sherry

    I found when Java wanted to update that is when the Win 7 took over again just after I restored to a later date 3 times before I noticed it was linked to Java Sun systems. I am not sure why it just was…

    I hope this helps…do I need Java? I am afraid to have it on the puter if it keeps letting in this nasty virus. I was even runny a really good McAfee so I thought cost me 250.00 with all the bells and whistles. I got a refund of course and restored my computer so now my question is what is the BEST ANTI Virus protect that I can purchase to make sure it doesn’t run out and keeps my things protected and backed up safetly. I have had free programs before and still get the blasted trojans. Please any IDEAS?


    hy i need help but i dont speak inglish,yo le puse ami computado un antivirus y mecosto 59.99 porun an-o y recien le salio algo y no me deja conectarme .me podrian ayudar .apenas hace un mes q lo puse y noq pasa ,espero su respuesta.gracias

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