Remove Spywares, Adwares, Trojans for Free

protect your computerThe following guide will help you clean up your system without spending a dime. Did you know that many spywares and adwares are automatically downloaded to your system without your knowledge? This is specially true if you do not have an up to date anti virus running at all times. But there are ways you can get rid of them. Follow the instructions given below to find and delete all those nasty hidden spywares and adwares.

1. Download two of the best free anti-spyware software. Firstly, SpyBot Search and Destroy. Secondly, Malware Bytes Anti-Malware.

2. Install both programs and update the software to have the latest definition files.

3. Now, you will have to restart your computer in Safe Mood to run these programs. The reason why safe mood is required is because the spywares can run processes while windows is active. However, in safe mood, your computer runs in minimum requirements and prevents these spywares from functioning. So, scanning your system with anti-spyware in safe mood is the secret to completely wiping them off. There are two ways to reboot in safe mood. First of all, restart your computer and during the start-up repeatedly press F8 button until you come to the Windows Advanced Boot Options Menu. Choose Safe Mood from there. The other way is while you are running windows, click on Start->Accessories->Run and type in msconfig and hit enter. It will give you a System Configuration Menu. Click on the Boot Tab. Under Boot Options, select Safe Mood. Then restart your computer. Important: Once you are done removing the spywares, run the msconfig in the same manner and uncheck the Safe Boot option.

4. Once you are in Safe Mood, run SpyBot software and do a scan. If you have any unwanted programs running on the system, it will alert you and at the end of the scan give you the option to fix them. Before fixing the findings, just double check to make sure they don’t belong to any trusted program you use. Then run Malwarebytes. Do a Full Scan. Anything missed out by Spybot will be picked up by this dude. Fix the findings in the similar manner.

5. Now, your system should be free of spywares, adwares and other malwares. Reboot in normal windows environment. Follow Step 4 to return to msconfig if you used the tool to reboot to safemood.

6. Done.

We hope this guide helps you clean up your system and keep your computer safe from malicious software. As a word of caution, please do not visit suspicious sites that throw up a lot of pop up windows and alerts at you. These sites are dangerous and may jeopardize your system’s security.

Note: The information presented in this article works for majority of the computers. However, if you encounter any problem then please consult a computer technician.

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