External Hard Drives under $100

external driveIf you are planning to buy a reliable external hard drive, here are some excellent offers from trusted retail stores. You will see the hard drives are termed as Desktop or Portable. The difference is that portable hard drives are thinner and smaller in size whereas desktop hard drives are little bit bulkier.

IProDrive 1TB Networkable External Desktop Hard Drive (HDNW1TB) – $69.95
Features: 1TB storage capacity, RJ-45 and USB 2.0 interface, Hot-swappable capability, Supports Windows 2000 and higher, Networkable – allows access from any PC in your home or small business.

RetailPlus 1TB External Desktop Hard Drive (HDE11TBWS) – $69.99
Features: 1TB storage capacity, Plug and play USB 2.0 interface, Auto-off technology

Our Choice: Seagate FreeAgent 1TB External Desktop Hard Drive (ST310005FDA2E1-RK) – Silver $69.99
Features: Smart, sleek desktop solution for storage and safekeeping of all your photos, music, videos, and more. Includes easy-to-use software that helps keep your information safe and private with automatic backup and encryption of your important files and folders. Environmentally smart utilities help save energy by putting your FreeAgent drive in sleep mode once it has been idle for 15 minutes. Its design is sleek and modern, so you can take advantage of its flexibility to lie on its side or stand upright to maximize your workspace.

Iomega Prestige 1TB 3.5″ External Desktop Hard Drive (34919) – $89.99 (We advise you to wait for a sale where you can get this one for $69.99)

Seagate FreeAgent Go 640GB External Portable Hard Drive (ST906403FAA2E1-R) – $79.99 (Save $10) Offer ends March 31, 2011
Features: Pocket your data with ease thanks to a thin sleek design, USB cable folds up compactly; Choose from a variety of colours to complement your style; Conveniently access your files by simply popping your drive into the FreeAgent desktop dock accessory; Protective travel case; Take all your photos, music, videos and documents with you everywhere thanks to a 640GB storage capacity; Easily protect your data with automatic backup software; Keep your most important files and folders private with software encryption technology; Get started quickly with pre-loaded software; Save energy by using one small drive for both mobile and desktop computing.

Western Digital My Book Essentials 1.5TB External Hard Drive (WDBAAF0015HBK-NESN) – $99.99
Features: Password protection ensures your files are safe; An illuminated capacity gauge instantly shows available space; USB 2.0 interface plugs directly into your computer for plug and play installation; Automatic, continuous backup instantly makes a copy when you add or change files; Visual backup organizes and displays content into categories and show backup progress; Retrieve your valuable data to its original location whether you’ve lost all your data or just overwritten an important file; Customize your backup, set drive security, run diagnostics, manage the power settings and more from the WD SmartWare control centre.

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