Are Chinese iPhone Clones Reliable?

sciphone reviewHuge China based online retailers like and offer iPhone clones at amazing prices. You can buy an iPhone clone for as low as $30 US.  Now the question is, are these phones reliable?

We actually tested some models out and here is what we have to say.

Material: The material used to make these phones are not of high quality. There is a big possibility that if the phone falls down once then the body or the screen will get broken.  Well, what can we expect from such a low price anyway?

Features: Most of these phones come with some standard features. For example, touch screen, dual sim card slots, six pages of menu, wi-fi (more expensive models), Java, handshaking function, low quality camera, FM Radio, Bluetooth, Games, Clock, Two Batteries and more.  The functions are useful but the phone firmware lacks user friendliness. The menu appears to imitate the iPhone but is far from what Apple has to offer.

Battery Life: Most of the phone descriptions don’t mention any particular battery life, however from experience, we know that it’s not so good. These batteries are known to die after 20 to 30 charges. Some even don’t charge fully from the start.  That’s why you will often get two batteries with the phone. That’s in case one completely fails.

Software CD: They don’t come with one. If the phone crashes, that’s it. The phone could be recovered back to factory condition if the manufacturer’s site provides firmware downloads.

Manual: Most iPhone clones from China come with a manual however they are written in poor English.  Often the manuals are not complete and finding the right information is a challenge.

Conclusion: The phones look great however they lack very much in quality.  If you do want to invest in a phone that you wish to use for a long time then you might want to purchase a phone from a well known brand.

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