How to Batch Resize Images for Free Using Irfanview

If you have taken pictures using the default settings in your phone, you may have noticed that the file sizes of the pictures are extremely large and the resolution is very high. The pictures could very well be over 4128×2322 pixels in size or even higher if you have a newer phone. These pictures take up a lot of space in the phone or computer and are difficult to share. If you need to use a bunch of your photos to upload to a website or simply reduce their file size, this post will discuss how to batch resize images for free using Iranview.

Irfanview is a free image editing software for personal use. The software is only 3mb in size and very light on the system. Irfanview is popular for fast loading and display of images. You can use this software to resize multiple images in one go. There are various benefits to reducing image size including freeing up storage space and being able to share the pictures with ease. Smaller image file size also loads faster on websites and helps towards your site’s SEO score.

How to Batch Resize Images for Free Using Irfanview

Once you have Irfanview running, follow these steps to batch resize images:

  1. Click on File > Batch Conversion/Rename. Batch Conversion dialog box will open.
  2. Browse to the folder where your images are stored. Select all the images and then click on Add All button.
  3. The selected images will appear in the Input Files area. You can click on the images in this area and remove them if necessary by clicking the Remove button.
  4. Click the Use Advanced Option checkbox and click on the Advanced button.
  5. Click on Resize checkbox. It is possible that you have images of multiple size. In this case, just click on Set New Size as Percentage of Original and assign a number for the Width field. For example, 50 for reducing the image width by 50%. Ensure that the Preserve Aspect Ratio checkbox is checked. This will automatically adjust the height of the images.
  6. Click OK to close the Advanced options dialog box.
  7. Choose the Output Directory where the resized images will be stored into. Click the Browse button to select a directory. Note, you cannot create a new directory using the built-in browser. You can create a new directory using Windows Explorer and then select this folder as the Output Directory. It is always a good idea to choose a different folder so that you don’t accidentally mess up the original images.
  8. Click on Start Batch button to start the batch resize process.
  9. Once the conversion is complete, click on Exit Batch to exit the Batch Conversion dialog box.

The above steps are illustrated in pictures below:

how to batch resize images in irfanview

batch resize images adjust image width

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