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How to Link Your Existing PC Plus Points with the New PC Optimum App

As of February 1, 2018, the PC Plus and Shoppers Optimum loyalty programs merged into a single PC Optimum rewards program. I am an existing PC Plus member and a user of the Android PC Plus app. However, after the merge, I was unable to see my points or load new offers for the week.

link pc plus points to pc optimum

How to Link Your Existing PC Plus Points to the New PC Optimum Program

Here are the steps you need to follow to link the PC Plus points account with the new PC Optimum program. It wasn’t done automatically for me.

  • If you already have the PC Plus app installed, proceed to Google Play Store to update your app. Once the app is updated, it will show up as PC Optimum. Tap to open the app.
  • The app will display your email addressed registered with the existing PC Plus program and prompt you to enter your name and password. In this step, you are creating a new account for the PC Optimum program. Choose a new password and tap continue to proceed to the next step.
  • At this stage, you will be asked whether you picked up your new PC Optimum card from the store. If you haven’t, simply select No.
  • The app will now ask you to link the cards which you own, either PC Plus, Shopper’s Optimum or PC Financial (mastercard). Select the cards which are applicable to you.
  • Verify the card numbers you selected in the previous step and complete the setup process. Once done, your new PC Optimum rewards program app will convert your existing points to the new one.

Problem With the New PC Plus Offers

Previously, the PC Plus offers which were tailored to my shopping habits used to be very relevant to what I buy. As a result, I would frequently visit the grocery stores where PC Plus points were offered, even though I have other grocery stores near me. However, with the new PC Optimum rewards program, the offers given to me are totally irrelevant and don’t match my shopping habits at all. Sadly to say, if this trend continues, I will be frequenting those store much less frequently.

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  1. heather lindsay

    i do not get my offers on phone want on computer so i can load them my self this is a very taxing process
    for older people

    1. David

      Sorry to hear that you are having difficulty Heather. In case you haven’t linked your account through the computer yet, you can follow the steps given below:

      – Visit
      – Click on the Get Started Button.
      – Create your account by filling out the form to create your PC Optimum Account. Enter an email address which you check frequently.
      – You will then be prompted to link the applicable cards you currently own to complete the account setup process.

      Once your existing loyalty cards have been linked, you will receive a weekly email on Fridays with the PC Offers. You will be able to load them by clicking on a button in that email.

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