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How to Setup a Microsoft Teams Meeting Using Outlook 365

Microsoft Teams is a communication and collaboration software which allows chatting, audio and video meetings, and file storage. It is easy to setup a Microsoft Teams meeting using Outlook 365.

How to Setup a Meeting with Microsoft Teams

Open Outlook 365 and follow these steps to setup a Microsoft Teams meeting.

Step 1: Under Home tab, click on New Items > Teams Meeting

Step 2: Enter meeting details

In the Title field, enter the subject of the meeting.

Click on the Required button to select the required participants. You may also click on the Options button to select optional attendees. To see if the attendees are available during your preferred time, click on the Scheduling Assistant tab to look up availability.

Select a meeting time by setting a Start and End time. If this will be a recurring meeting, click on Make Recurring and select the recurrence pattern.

Finally, you can enter details of the meeting by typing in the information just above the Join Microsoft Teams Meeting link.

Step 3: Send the meeting invite

Click on the Send button to send the meeting invite.

At this point, a meeting invite will be sent out to your attendees. The attendees will be able to join by clicking on the Join Microsoft Teams Meeting link or clicking on the Join button.

Changing Time for Microsoft Teams Meeting

If for any reason you need to change the timing of the meeting, you can do so by following these steps:

Go to your calendar through Outlook 365 or Microsoft Teams. Double click or tap on the meeting. Make the necessary changes to Start and End time. Then click on Send Update.

Cancelling a Microsoft Teams Meeting

The meeting can be cancelled by going to your calendar through Outlook 365 or Microsoft Teams. Double click or tap on the meeting. Then, click on the Cancel Meeting button. The cancel button is located on the top left corner of the window.


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  • Sir we are using zoom for offcial meetings. Is microsoft teams better than zoom?? what are your thoughts on this??

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