Excel freezes more rows than selected [FIXED]

Are you trying to freeze multiple rows but Excel keeps on freezing more rows than you selected? This is a common problem individuals have when multiple rows need to be frozen using the Freeze Pane option. This article discusses what to do when Excel freezes more rows than the selected amount. This article is also useful for those of you who want to freeze multiple rows together.

excel freezing rows

Look at the Excel sheet above. Let’s say you wish to freeze Row 1, Row 2 and Row 3. Freezing allows you to scroll through the worksheet and have those 3 rows always visible. So, why does Excel freeze more rows than you selected? The reason is quite simple, you might be using the wrong method of freezing the rows.

How to Freeze Multiple Rows in Excel

The most common mistake a person does when trying to freeze multiple rows is to select the rows they want to freeze. This means, the person is trying to highlight the rows by clicking on the row numbers. This is not the correct way of doing it and doing so will cause Excel to freeze more rows than required. For this example, let’s say you want to freeze Row 1, 2 and 3. Here are the steps for freezing multiple rows the right way:

  1. Click on the first cell just below the rows you wish to freeze. In our case, it’s A4.
    excel freeze multiple rows
  2. Click on the View tab. Then click on Freeze Panes and select the first option, which is Freeze Panes.
    excel freeze panes

And that’s it! You are all set. Now, when you scroll up and down, the rows above A4 will be frozen. To unfreeze, simply select your worksheet and click on View > Freeze Panex > Unfreeze Panes.


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