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How to Resize a Table When the Border is Outside the Page [MS Word]

When working with tables in MS Word, you may often have to insert an additional column to the left or right. This may cause the table border to go beyond the work area which would prevent you from being able to resize a table. This could cause trouble with printing and give an unprofessional look to the document.

word table border outside of the page

How to Resize a Table When the Border is Outside the Page [MS Word]

Method 1: Turn On Web Layout

The Web Layout makes the work area full width and brings back the table borders. Steps to turning on the Web Layout:

  • Click on View tab from the ribbon.
  • Click on Web Layout.
  • Alternatively, you can click on the Web Layout icon next to the zoom panel at the bottom right corner of the window.

Method 2: Locate the Table Border Outside the Work Area

  • Clicking on any row or column of the table, Word will display a small square where the table border is located.
  • The border is identified by a small square.
  • Resize the table size by clicking and dragging the small square.

resize table size border

Method 3: Drag the Table to Within the Page

If your table width is relatively small, you can drag the table within the page to resize it. Here are the steps:

  • Hover your mouse on the table or click on any row or column.
  • Word displays an icon (4 headed arrow) which can be used to drag and drop the table to a suitable position within the page.
  • The table border will now become accessible for resizing.

table to drag and drop for resizing

Method 4: Manually Set Preferred Width

  • Right click anywhere inside the table.
  • Click on Table Properties.
  • From the Table tab, change the Preferred Width to something smaller than what you have.
  • Click OK.
  • The table border should be visible within the page for resizing.
  • If the border still doesn’t appear, lower the Preferred width to something smaller until border is visible.

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