How to Take a Quick Screen Shot of the Screen

Question: Is there an easy way to grab screen shots of the screen without having to deal with any fancy graphic designing software?

Answer: Yes! There are several ways.  Screen capturing is great way for taking digital notes (grabbing a map location, taking a snapshot of an important document, etc).

1. Windows 7 Snipping Tool:

This tool provided with Windows 7 by far the easiest tool to use for capturing screen shots. Simply, run the Snipping Tool program, click and drag a section of the screen which you wish to capture and then Save/Copy/Paste to your liking. You have the option to highlight certain areas with a highlighter and make notes with various colors of pen tool.

2. Print Screen Keyboard Button:

This key is located along with two other keys which very few people use. Look above your Insert, Home and Page Up keys. You will notice the PrtScrn, Scroll Lock and Pause/Break keyes. Once you are ready to capture your screen, press the Prt Scrn button and it will take a snapshot of the page. To see the snapshot, open Windows Paint program and paste. Crop the picture to your liking.

3. Screen Capture Software:

If you do a quick search on Google for the term “free screen capturing software”, you  will come across various free software which does the above functions with a click of a button. We recommend CamStudio.

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