Cheap Rogers and Fido Voice and Data Retention Plans

Are you a Rogers or Fido customer and paying more than $35 per month for a voice plan? This article will show you how to get all inclusive voice plans from Rogers and Fido for as low as $15 to $25.

You are probably one of the thousands of individuals who are stuck on a 2 to 3 years contract. Also, you are probably paying extra for features such as Call Display, Voice Mail, Unlimited Incoming calls, text messeges, etc. Big companies like Rogers and Fido have secret unadvertised plans that are designed to keep customers who call in to cancel.

A friend of mine who was paying $65 for a voice plan followed the below mentioned steps and reduced his bill to only $25. Another person I know who is an elderly man without good knowledge of cell phone plans was paying $115 per month to Rogers for a voice plan. He followed the instructions and lowered his bill to $45 a month with a 6GB iPhone 4 data plan.

Instructions for Existing Clients:

Call Fido or Rogers and say you wish to cancel your plan. They will transfer you to Customer Retention Department. Retention will ask you the reason for cancellation. Say, you are being offered a better plan through a competitor. They will ask you the details of the plan including the price. Look through some retention plans below and mention something similar to them with the same price range. They will warn you that getting out of your contract will result in fees. Say, you are already paying too much and the fee should not matter. Also, tell them you want to stay with them if they could offer a similar package. Be nice and gentle in speech. They will offer you one of the retention plans mentioned below. They will give you deals based on your negotiation skills. If you are a very good negotiator, you can pull in some extra features for free like long distance minutes, early evening weekends, etc. Sometimes, it takes couple of tries before you get a really good deal. If it comes to a point that they really want to cancel your plan, say a friend of yours might be interested in keeping your plan and that you will call them back. Call at a different time and try again. Eventually, you will get a great plan.

Amazing Voice and Data Retention Plans:

$25 Plan with 2 Years Contract from Fido + Tax

200 Anytime Minutes
Unlimited Evening Weekends
Unlimited Incoming Calls
Fido to Fido
2500 Text Messages
Call Display + Voicemail
No system access, 911 fees

$15 Monthly Plan for Customers coming out of a Fido Contract + Tax

If your contract with Fido is expiring, you can get the following plan by mentioning that your budget is under $20.

200 Anytime Minutes
1000 Evening Weekend Minutes
Unlimited Incoming Calls
100 Text Messages
Call Display

$45 Voice and Data Plan for Long Time Fido Customers + Tax

Same as the $25 plan above plus 6 GB Data Plan with a 3 Years Contract. You will also get an iPhone 4 for $150.

Rogers $25 Retention Voice and Data Plan

Retention Voice Plan [ 200 Minutes | Unlimited 6pm Evening/Weekends ] 17.50
100 Bonus Minutes Credited
Rogers 2 Rogers local Credited
Value Pack $10
Monthly Fee Discount -$10
150mb Data Plan $15 – 10 Data Credit
GRRF $2.58
Total: $25.08 + tax

Rogers$35 Voice and Data Plan

Retention Voice Plan [ 200 Minutes | Unlimited 6pm Evening/Weekends ] 17.50
100 Bonus Minutes Credited
100 Long Distance Minutes Credited
Rogers 2 Rogers local Credited
Value Pack $10
Monthly Fee Discount -$10
500mb Data plan $25 – $10 Data credit
GRRF $2.58
Total: $35.08 + tax

Rogers $45 Voice and Data Plan

Retention Voice Plan [ 200 Minutes | Unlimited 6pm Evening/Weekends ] 17.50
100 Bonus Minutes Credited
1000 Long Distance Minutes $10 – $5 credit
My5 local Credited
Rogers 2 Rogers local Credited
Unlimited Incoming Credited
Value Pack $10
Monthly Fee Discount -$10
6gb Data plan $30 – $10 Data credit
GRRF $2.58
Total: $45.08 + tax

For New Customers

If you are a new customer and wish to sign up with Fido or Rogers then get on a 2 years term. They give you 14 days to walk out of the contract. Call them within a week and say you wish to cancel for a better plan with someone else. They will offer you a similar retention plan.


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  • Has anybody managed to get any of these plans? My 3 years expires this month and I'd really like to get onto that 25 dollar plan.

    • Yes, a lot of us did. Just go through the procedure and you may get an even better plan.

  • Not true. Called in 4 times today & talked with customer relations department the absolute best they could offer me was:
    200 mins (evenings/weekends after 6pm)
    Bonus: 100 mins
    1gb of data
    MY10 Canada wide talk& text
    voicemail,call display, unlimited texting

    =$47.18 before tax

    • A friend of mine got a 6gb data plan and an amazing voice plan for $50 plus tax yesterday. It might be worthwhile to try some more time. I hope you get through with a nice plan.

  • my plan with rogers
    350 local minutes (evening/weekend after 6pm), unlimited incoming.
    rogers to rogers calling
    3gb data
    1000 anytime long distance minutes
    unlimited texting, enhanced voicemail, call display, call name
    for $57 plus tax

    • 200 mins
      + (unlimited evenings/weekends after 6pm)
      + 6gb of data
      + voicemail, call display, 2500 text

      - extra 150 mins
      - unlimited incoming
      - 100 minutes canadian long distance
      - my 5 local
      - call manager
      - 20.00 monthly discount

      $52.35 plus HST

  • 200 mins
    + (unlimited evenings/weekends after 6pm)
    + 1gb of data
    + MY10 Canada wide talk & text

    - free voicemail,call display,ringback, voicemail to text
    - unlimited text
    - extra 150 mins
    - free tethering access (data sharing)

    = Taxes in w/ gov't fee = $45.03

    I think what Rogers does is they create a retention plan that suits your needs. I use over 2000 (local & LD) mins a month with my previous MY10 Canada Talk & Text plan.
    This feature saved me a lot of $$$$.. havent had an overage in years =)

  • These plans are real and easy to get, however none of the ones listed are at all good as far as retention plans go, I was with Rogers for only 2 years before trying to cancel and this is what I got... Unlimited local calling + 1000 ld minutes, voice mail, call display, call waiting, visual voice Mail. Unlimited txt messaging and social networking. For $35 a month. Plus 6gb iPhone data Plan( personal hotspot) for an additional 22.85 a month. In conclusion. Unlimited everything for 57.85 a month ( now that's a real retention plan) but I am still trying to figure out how to get my unlimited data back!! That's proven to be a little tricycle tho.

  • I called in today they told me that they dont do free unlimted incoming calls or free network calling , and ended up getting a plan with 300 min/ unlm weekends and after 6 and unlm txting and voice mail and caller id and 150 mb data for 50 after tax and everything ..... Is this a good deal and did they bull shit about the free unlimted incoming part?

    • You should be able to pull in some more data within that price. The features offered vary between rep to rep so what you end up with could be totally different from someone else. But, try to negotiate some more data for your plan. You should be able to get atleast 3gb of data within $50 bucks.

    • Yes you can, though it gets tougher. If you are not beyond 14 days of your contract, you can still threaten them to back out. Otherwise it doesn't hurt to try.

  • Hi, i was talking to rogers today regarding my plan, when i told her i was going to cancel all 3 of my plans ( mines and my two kids) and the customer service rep told me to contact Rogers customer care. I was wondering if this the retention's depatment. My plan as well as my 2 kids plans are expired and we are hoping to get these plans. I was wondering how I should approach the customer care rep? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  • So I called Rogers following the steps and they put me through the cancelling department. They didn't even try to keep me as a customer. She said very calmly that if I want to cancel and keep my number then I can go to the competitor and ask to keep the same number and they'll notify rogers of the cancellation. What should I do now?

    • same for me...i told them the competitors are offeering me the same or better than what theyre offering me and she told me that i can go to the competitor ,its my choice and not her problem...

  • I signed a three-year contract in July 2008. For two+ years I paid $55-70/month for something like:
    - 150 daytime minutes
    - 1000 weekend and evening after 9pm minutes
    - unlimited network calling
    - 250 out-going texts
    - caller ID
    - voice mail
    Needless to say this was not at all enough.

    In the past September, through a friend's suggestion, I simply called Rogers and asked the person what the procedure for cancelling was. I didn't say that another company is offering me something better, so they didn't ask me to produce examples.

    I told them that paying what I was paying was simply too much for a student. The person then transfered me to customer service and I had to tell this person everything all over again.

    After, without much effort on my part, he offered me a $17.50 voice plan. Long story short(er), this is what I have right now:
    - 200 plus 100 free, so 300 weekday mins
    - unlimited weekends and evenings after 6pm
    - 2500 outgoing texts
    - caller ID
    - voice mail
    - this and that
    I am now paying $28.09 per month for a virtually "unlimited" voice plan.

    After I got the plan, I told my brother to do the same. On the same day, he got the exact same plan as I did, but had 100 free LD mins. I should have been a little pushier. I guess I was a little too nice.

    I am now not under contract and want data, but I don't see the $30 for 6GB data plan anymore, and I am afraid that if I call in, I will lose my sweet deal. Should I do it? I don't mind signing for another three years, as long as I get to keep what I have now, get 6gb of data, and maybe some LD mins. :)

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