How to Easily Remove Win 7 Security 2012 Virus, Spyware

Have you been inflicted by the annoying Win 7 Security 2012 virus? Is it popping up and taking over your system every few minutes? The good news is that we have easy to follow removal instructions to get rid of this problem. There are many instructions available online that show how to manually remove the Win 7 Security 2012 virus. However, those instructions are mostly outdated and may not be easy to follow for majority of the computer users.

Here is what we did to remove the virus completely from an infected system. You will need to download two free anti-spyware software. Spy Bot and Malwarebytes. Download the programs, install them, and update both software by following their selected update options.

Once the software are updated, boot into Safe Mode (follow the link and read Step #3 for instructions ) with Networking feature enabled.  Run Spy Bot first and Scan for Problems. Spybot should find the main program that runs the virus. During scanning, be sure to keep cancelling or closing any popup windows that show up due to Win 7 Security 2012 virus. Complete the scan to the end and Fix any problem that Spy Bot finds.If you are prompted to restart, do so, however, return to Safe Mode again.

Once you are done with SpyBot, close the program. Run Malwarebytes Anti Malware and do a Full Scan. Malwarebytes will find the remnants of the virus and help you eliminate them. You will be prompted to restart again. Do so and this time, you don’t have to return to Safe Mode.

That’s it. Your computer should be free of this nasty problem and return to normal condition. To prevent having this problem in the future, please surf responsibly and avoid going to doubtful websites. Consider having an active Anti-Virus running on your system. Here are some free anti virus programs.

20 thoughts on “How to Easily Remove Win 7 Security 2012 Virus, Spyware”

    1. You don’t have to buy them. The free versions will remove the virus. Just make sure you update the definition files to the latest version using the software update feature.

  1. this virus has my Internet blocked, is there a way to email the progam to me so I could click it open to run?

    1. Try rebooting into safe mode with networking. That will give you Internet access. Download the file and reboot to normal windows mode and install the software. Reboot again to safe mode with networking and update the software and run a scan. Hope that helps.

        1. To all those whose Internet connection is totally disabled by the virus: Download the setup files for Spybot and Malwarebytes through a different computer. You can also download the latest detection update files. Then run the setup in normal windows mode. Also, run the setup files associated with the detection update files. Restart in Safe mode and then run a scan.

    2. if you have like a computer or laptop diffrent and use a usb and transfer it to usb and drag it to infected PC worked for me

  2. The Spybot worked just fine, but the Malwarebytes is saying it will remove some for free and I have to pay for the others?

  3. This virus is stopping the spybot download.

    When I click on the run botton the virus alerts pop up and stops the download.

    is there a way around this?

  4. I used Spybot in the safe mode. Then I used Malwarebytes in the normal mode. While this got rid of the virus, the Firewall and Security Center service were apparently left corrupted by the virus. Hence, I had to restore the operating system to an earlier restore point — which takes only a few minutes. Then the Firewall and Security Center service were fine.

  5. The virus blocked Internet on my computer, so I downloaded on a flash drive from a different computer and ran it on the infected computer. It seems to have worked and those crazy warning windows have stopped opening. However I can’t find any of my files/programs/data. It’s all gone. I tried to restore the system to an earlier restore point but it keeps failing. I’ve tried different restore points. I don’t want to reinstall the OS as I have some critical data that is not backed up that I don’t want to lose.
    Any tips on how I recover all my data? Help!

  6. Plse help!!!
    I am able to access the net via safe mode with networking BUT I have attempted to download 3 different spybots from net but none seem to be there after download finishes…. I need help!!

    1. Ensure that you are downloading the file to the desktop in order to locate easily. Try using an alternative browser if you have one. If all else fail, download the software using a different computer transfer the setup file using a cd or usb flash drive. Hope this helps.

  7. hi, thanks, it did work, you have a link for spybot and it is not clear which programme to download, you have a link for malware and i have no idea what to download, far too complicated, needs to be simple and step by step
    which malware do i download, which link is it

    way, way too complicated

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