Tech Gift Ideas for Mom on Mother’s Day

gift-for-momThe following gift ideas will brighten the day for a mom who is into technology. Don’t always go for the cheap when it comes to mom. After all, she deserves the best from us as she went through a life long struggle to raise us.

1. A Nice Laptop Bag –┬áMost women love to show off their purse or tote bags. Why not give your mom a feminine style laptop bag that she can carry with pride.

2. Smartphone – If your mom still has an old cell phone then it is time to make her happy with a smartphone. A smartphone will make it easy for your mom to work, organize and enjoy life on the go. iPhone is the best but Blackberries and Android based wi-fi enabled phones are just as good.

3. Pre-pay for a year of high speed Internet – Your mom will always remember you while surfing, sending an email or watching a video.

4. Tablet PC or Laptop – iPad 1 has gone down in price significantly. Laptops are also very affordable nowadays. If you mom has an old laptop or no laptop at all, then a Tablet or Laptop will bring a big smile to her face.

5. External Hard Drives or USB Flash drives – Moms who like to save money will not go for optional storage devices even though they need one. Why not give mom an external storage drive with generous storage space. Some drives are available in pink, red, and other feminine colors.

6. Gift Cards – Gift cards don’t really bring enough joy to a mom but if it’s a good amount then she can get that gadget she has been waiting for a long time.

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