5 Reasons to Switch to a Dual Core Computer

really fast performance dual coreOk, so you still have the old Pentium III or Pentium 4 computer. I am amazed to see many who are still using a Pentium II CPU. Well, may be you don’t use computer much but here are 5 reasons why you should switch to a Dual Core computer.

1. Faster Speeds: This is the most significant change you will see between single core and dual core computers. Dual core allows you to have double the speed. It’s like having two horses pulling your carriage instead of one. So, you get through your computer activities much faster. No more clicking and waiting a minute before a program loads. With current dual core processors, common applications load within seconds.

2. Multi-Tasking Ability: Dual core processors allow you to run several programs simultaneously. Of course, this depends on the amount of RAM available on your system as well. However, if you are running Windows Vista or Windows 7 and have a minimum of 2GB RAM installed on your system, then you will have no trouble cruising through your programs. You can watch videos, run a virus scan or play a light game all at the same time without seeing any major slowdowns. The good news is that the majority of current computers come loaded with RAM 2GB or higher.

3. Cheaper Price: Currently, the price of computers is at all time low. You can get a powerful desktop or laptop computer for a fraction of the price compared to what we used to pay few years back. So, if you are still dragging on with a old computer then it’s time to take advantage of the current prices and get a brand new Dual Core system.

4. Gamer’s Dream: Yes, if you are a heavy gamer,you will simply love a dual core processor. I will be adding a post shortly about quad core processors but for the time being, you will see significant improvement in graphic rich games when run through a dual core system with a decent graphics card. More and more games are coming out in the market which require a minimum of dual core system.

5. Media Creation in a Zap: For those of you who like to design graphics, create videos, convert or play HD movies, dual core processor is a must have. You can do tasks related to media creation way faster with a dual core computer than a single core computer. So, creating YouTube videos, making a 3D animation or simply editing a HD movie will be much more smooth on your patience if you work with a dual core system.

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